Wheel-Check Safety Campaign

  • February 10, 2016
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Trucks are the safest vehicles on the road. Period. On average, trucks represent less than 3% of all vehicles involved in Ontario accidents and are deemed overwhelmingly “not at fault” in the collisions that do happen. We know that majority of our industry is focused on safety.

Even though the industry is focused on safety, accidents may occur from time to time. Truck wheels come off for several reasons but loose lug nuts, cracked wheels and worn or damaged bearings are the most common causes. Improved wheel care and maintaining proper wheel-nut torque can help reduce the number of accidents.

The new commercial vehicles are more advanced and safer than ever before. It is our mission, at Altruck to work with our staff and our customers to continue to create safer roads for the public, our customers, the truck drivers and the environment.

Altruck is pleased to announce its Wheel Check Safety Campaign.

The campaign runs between March 21st, 2016 and October 31st, 2016. During this time, we will:

  • Promote the use of Wheel-Check loose wheel-nut indicators.
  • Educate our staff on wheel safety.
  • We will also donate $1.00 for each package sold to Trucks for Change Network.

Trucks for Change and Habitat for Humanity

Trucks for Change Network is a well-recognized non-profit association of highway carriers that helps charities distribute donated food and materials to those in need in our communities.

Trucks for Change Network has helped distribute over 13 million pounds of donated food and materials and saved more than $200,000 in shipping costs for community charities.  We encourage you to visit Trucks for Change Network to learn more.


What is Wheel-Check® loose wheel-nut indicator and how does it work?

Wheel-Check is a loose wheel nut indicator that helps you quickly identify a loose wheel-nut with a visual inspection. The loose wheel-nut indicators are placed in a uniform pattern on the wheel nuts after a thorough service and torquing the wheel nuts to specs. The indicators come out of sequence if a wheel nut becomes loose. The drivers can easily spot it when they do their walk-around check.

Wheel-Checks are also heat sensitive. If there is a binding brake or seized bearing, the heat is transferred through the stud and nut. If this temperature exceeds 120º C (248º F), it will start to blister around the circumference and eventually start to distort. The driver can also easily spot this during the walk-around.

Drivers must always visually check the wheels when leaving or getting into their trucks. It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment is in the top working condition.

Why should you invest in the Wheel-Check®?

The Wheel-Checks are a small investment and you can install these immediately or during the regularly scheduled PM appointments.

  • Low cost: Small investment that can help prevent costly accidents.
  • Easy to notice: Wheel-Checks are effective in ensuring that any changes in patterns are noticed promptly by drivers and corrected long before the situation becomes a concern.
  • Quick return on investment: On average drivers spend 2 minutes/Power Unit and 1.5 minutes/Trailer to touch each wheel-nut (that’s 3.5 minutes per check). Now they can visually check the wheels in less time during their walk-around.
  • Save time: Might even help reduce the number of stops to re-torque the wheel nuts and you get the idea. Your drivers will be reassured that the wheels are torqued to spec.
  • Showcases you as a safe operator: Loose wheel-nut indicators demonstrate your commitment to safety during the Official Road Inspections and to the public at large.

Join us and together we can do some good!

Visit Altruck or call your nearest branch to purchase the Wheel-Check® loose wheel-nut indicators and help support Trucks for Change Network.


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