Want to increase your fuel efficiency by up to four percent?

  • July 14, 2016
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ProStar whiteFour percent improvement in fuel efficiency could mean incremental savings and improved bottom line for your fleet. Predictive cruise control technology is now available on International ProStar and LoneStar Class 8 on-highway trucks.And it’s better than the conventional predictive cruise technology – You don’t need to pre-drive the routes for the technology to learn the road grades, routes, etc. International ProStar and LoneStar predictive cruise technology uses pre-installed GPS maps and the latest commercial route data. This enables ALL drivers in your fleet, the ones that run different routes and those that drive the standard route to experience the improved fuel efficiency, right away.

You obtain greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, immediately.

International’s predictive cruise control uses topographical GPS data inputs to help maximize fuel economy. It monitors vehicle speed, engine load, weight and the road grade and modulates cruising speed to correspond to the topography of the road ahead. Predictive cruise control speed adjustments also helps minimize brake-usage. This helps you to further control your maintenance costs.

Bottom line for your business improves and the vehicle performance is optimized as a result!

“We’re seeing data indicating that this technology, when coupled with a Navistar or Cummins engine and an Eaton transmission, can increase fuel efficiency by up to 4 percent,” says Mooney. “By reducing the need for drivers to make frequent adjustments to the terrain, the system makes vehicles easier and safer to operate, thus helping our customers attract and retain new drivers and be more successful.”

Please call us at 1.888.539.7110 or email us to connect with one of our knowledgeable customer account managers & learn more about this new technology from International Trucks or about our low rate finance offer that is here for a short time. 

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