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According to the FMCSA’s official announcement, the new ELD rule will “improve roadway safety by employing technology to strengthen commercial truck and bus drivers’ with hours-of-service regulations that prevent fatigue.”

When it comes to technology and staying compliant with regulations set forth by the FMCSA, it is essential to choose a partner who is willing to grow with you. Our team of experts can help you stay ahead of potential issues by bringing together telematics solutions that are easy to use with in-cab mobile connected device and help you to be compliant. Best of all, Connected Vehicles solutions are scalable – so you get what you need and add other solutions as needed.

[progress_bar color=’#c7081b’ filled=’50%’ striped=’off’ animated=’off’]Half the trucking industry is still not on board with ELD[/progress_bar]

Roughly half of the trucking industry has not taken the steps towards the ELD. This is especially pronounced among smaller carriers. We recommend that you do not to [...]

You want to buy a truck but can’t decide whether you should buy new or used?

New trucks cost more upfront but the maintenance costs are lower. They offer higher uptime and have the most current technology, but new trucks depreciate (up to 20% – 30% in the 1st year alone) quickly. A used truck costs substantially less than a new truck upfront, but may cost more in maintenance. But a good used truck can still perform and do the job well. In fact, buying used trucks could be a great way to build your fleet, over time.

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Truck World 2016 is just around the corner, starting on April 14th – April 16th, 2016 at the International Centre in Toronto, Canada. It’s a truck lover’s dream come true – 300,000 square feet of trucks, trailers, equipment, tools, new and emerging technology such as Connected Vehicles solutions powered by Altruck and services for the trucking industry. 350+ exhibitors, seminars, workshops and special events. You don’t want to miss this event. It is a perfect opportunity to connect and network with customers, suppliers and experts from the industry.

Please come by and say hi – We’ll be hanging out at the International Trucks Booth or at the Capacity [...]

March 2, 2016 – International Truck announced today the availability of the International® DuraStar® and WorkStar® models powered by the Cummins® ISL9 engine.

“Adding the Cummins ISL9 to our line-up is a key part of our strategy to offer the most comprehensive options of proven components in the industry to our customers,” said Bill Kozek, president, Truck and Parts. “The addition of the Cummins ISL9 to DuraStar and WorkStar models provides customers with a winning combination of uptime, performance and durability.”

International Trucks is First to Market with over-the-air reprogramming. Check out this Truck News Article. Please do not hesitate to call us and speak with one of our trained Implementation Managers.Altruck offers Connected Vehicle solutions that are designed to put you in the driver seat.

Article_ Navistar OTA

Connected Vehicles by Altruck International Trucks

Running an efficient Medium Duty fleet is hard work.

Today’s engines run on SCR technology and are extremely efficient. Medium duty International Trucks come with two reputable engine brands; the Cummins ISB and the Navistar N9. Both deliver reliable performance, horsepower and torque you need and excellent uptime.

In the past, fleet managers relied heavily on the driver expertise when it came to using a manual transmission. Today’s new innovative transmissions, allow the fleet managers to achieve the same efficiency with less experienced drivers. Medium duty International Trucks like DuraStar use dual clutch transmission (DCT) from Eaton that eliminates the complexity of shifting at the right time every time. The EATON PROCISION is a DCT transmission that has specific calibrations to match the power and torque characteristics of the Cummins and Navistar engines, delivering 8 to 10% better fuel economy when compared to a typical torque converter automatic transmission.

But, things don’t end at the transmission [...]

Trucks are the safest vehicles on the road. Period. On average, trucks represent less than 3% of all vehicles involved in Ontario accidents and are deemed overwhelmingly “not at fault” in the collisions that do happen. We know that majority of our industry is focused on safety.

Even though the industry is focused on safety, accidents may occur from time to time. Truck wheels come off for several reasons but loose lug nuts, cracked wheels and worn or damaged bearings are the most common causes. Improved wheel care and maintaining proper wheel-nut torque can help reduce the number of accidents.

International® HX Series delivers unmatched strength and endurance for the most punishing of jobsites, while keeping its operator working longer. International now has a truck to serve every vocational need:

    • HX615 short set-back axle
    • HX620 long set-back axle
    • HX515 short set-forward axle
    • HX520 long set-forward axle

Maximum Strength and Durability

HX Series is engineered to handle the most severe situations around. Its lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum cab is specifically designed for the vocational application. An industry leading lightweight 12.5″ single rail option offers 3.5 million RBM with 13% less weight than a double 10″ rail. The new Metton hood is stronger and lighter than fiberglass. Stainless steel door hinges are longer for superior strength and exceptional fit. Huck-bolted frame and cross members on the [...]

NACFE Trucking Efficiency Report

The commercial vehicles today are increasingly sophisticated and connected. Whether you operate one or two vehicles or a fleet of 500 trucks, a fleet management solution with engine diagnostic capabilities is absolutely necessary. Businesses can’t afford inefficient operations or unexpected vehicle downtime.

According to the attached Executive Summary of the Trucking Efficiency Confidence Report from NACFEDiesel fuel cost the industry as much per annum as the costs of drivers’ wages and benefits combined. Despite recent fuel cost decreases, all indications are that fuel price volatility will continue, forcing the industry to find solutions that increase its fuel efficiency in order to stay profitable.

The report also showcases the strong links between fuel economy and well-maintained trucks. It also identifies the 10 most common components that impact the vehicle fuel economy and how optimized maintenance can ensure peak performance for your fleet.

Connected Vehicles solutions from Altruck can help [...]

Reduce Fatigue While Driving


Cold is your Friend!  You might find that your eyelids get heavy in a warm, comfortable cab.  Open the windows or turn the AC on.  The cool air will help you stay awake and alert.

Say NO to heavy meals.  It can lower your energy levels and your eyelids.  Save that big feast for after you’ve ended your last run and are ready to turn in.  A good sleep after a good meal.  Load up on light, healthy snacks and fruits.

Stop and get out.  Talk a walk, jog, stretch, dance.  Whatever it takes to get the blood flowing.

There is no substitute for a full night of deep and restful sleep.  Taking a quick 20 minute nap is the next best thing.  It will boost your strength and you’ll be able to stay focused longer.  Your body works best when it has [...]

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