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DPF Cleaning

Clean Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF CLeaning Machine FSX

DPF or Diesel particulate filters have been part of the truck emissions systems since 2007. Your vehicle probably has a DPF filter if it was built after 2007. Overall, DPF’s have a proven and successful track record of removing soot particulate matter from the exhaust stream.


Strategic Navistar Alliance with VW

NAvistar Alliance with VW Announcement

Navistar is excited to announce the formation of a wide-ranging strategic alliance with Volkswagen Truck & Bus. Volkswagen is the largest truck company in Europe and has a significant global presence.This Navistar and Volkswagen alliance marks yet another step in Navistar’s journey to becoming a stronger company, while enhancing our long-term product offering for our customers. This alliance creates a partnership between two companies to now cover 25% of global truck market.

The Navistar and Volkswagen alliance includes an equity investment in Navistar by Volkswagen Truck & Bus and framework agreements for strategic technology and supply collaboration and procurement joint venture. Navistar International Corp. expects savings of at least $500 million over the first five years. By the fifth year, the company anticipates the alliance will generate annual savings of at least $200 million for its business. 


ProStar whiteFour percent improvement in fuel efficiency could mean incremental savings and improved bottom line for your fleet. Predictive cruise control technology is now available on International ProStar and LoneStar Class 8 on-highway trucks.

MELT is here! Just in time for summer.


To drive a truck today, all you have to do is to take a knowledge and road test at a DriveTest Centre to get your Class A licence. There are no mandatory or required courses to take. Some drivers might participate in voluntary training with a training organization and some companies also offer their own training programs. All that is about to change – MTO officials confirmed that in the next few weeks, Ontario’s Transportation Minister will be introducing the MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training).

This new proposal will require new applicants for a Class A licence, to successfully complete a mandatory entry-level training course prior to attempting the road tests. The introduction of mandatory training, in addition to the testing requirements, is designed to ensure that commercial truck drivers [...]

LOWRATE DTD2016 trucks


Altruck is pleased to offer the Drive the Difference 2016 low rate finance program. This is our most aggressive offer yet. Low finance rates and customer rebates up to $6000 are only here for a short time: April 14th 2016 to July 31st 2016. Offer available on qualified International® models in stock.*

New International trucks are the most powerful, fuel-efficient, durable and comfortable trucks we’ve ever built. Book your test drive today. Your Truck is Waiting!

Please click here to learn more about the offer or check out our New Trucks inventory.

The Difference with OnCommand Connection – Now Standard all New International Trucks

  • OnCommand Connection empowers you with the information you need to make critical business decisions
  • OnCommand Connections is an open architecture platform that works with all makes and models [...]

Did you know that prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst Canadian men?

It usually affects men over 40. At Altruck, we want to help find a cure for this disease. That’s why we sponsor and ride with others at two TELUS Ride for Dad – Golden Horseshoe and Grand Valley. Please join us!

Ride a motorcycle? Then join us for a fun-filled day of riding with a lunch, poker run, prizes and much more, all while helping to fight prostate cancer.

Don’t ride? Register as a virtual champion, pledge a rider, or make a donation to our fight against prostate cancer! All donations of $20 or more are tax receipted. Please click here to make a donation.

The Fuel Economy Equation

Medium Duty Trucks and Fuel Economy

Medium Duty Fuel EconomyRunning an efficient fleet is hard work considering all the factors that contribute towards the Fuel Economy.

For many years the industry relied heavily on engine manufacturers to deliver the best fuel economy out of every drop of diesel they pour in to the tank. Then came a time when aerodynamics dominated the stage, especially for the long haul tractors. Now most recently, the drivetrain has taken center stage. The engine, drivetrain, and tires rule the fuel economy equation for Medium Duty fleets that run scheduled routes, 

According to the FMCSA’s official announcement, the ELD rule will “improve roadway safety by employing technology to strengthen commercial truck and bus drivers’ with hours-of-service regulations that prevent fatigue.” In other words, the point of the ELD rule is to increase compliance with hours of service requirements.

ELD can automatically record Hours of Service (HOS), engine hours, vehicle movement, miles/KM driven, driving time and vehicle location. All by synchronizing with and collecting data from the Commercial vehicle engine. Learn more here.

Benefits of using ELDs over paper logs:

  • You save time — You have more time to focus on your business and what matter to you.
  • You save money — You lower your administration costs and spend less on paper logs.
  • Risk of error is reduced, significantly.
  • It makes compliance so much simpler and easier – your record keeping is more efficient.


[progress_bar color=’#c7081b’ filled=’100%’ striped=’on’ animated=’off’]We have put together a list of FMCSA requirements [...]

According to the FMCSA’s official announcement, the new ELD rule will “improve roadway safety by employing technology to strengthen commercial truck and bus drivers’ with hours-of-service regulations that prevent fatigue.”

When it comes to technology and staying compliant with regulations set forth by the FMCSA, it is essential to choose a partner who is willing to grow with you. Our team of experts can help you stay ahead of potential issues by bringing together telematics solutions that are easy to use with in-cab mobile connected device and help you to be compliant. Best of all, Connected Vehicles solutions are scalable – so you get what you need and add other solutions as needed.

[progress_bar color=’#c7081b’ filled=’50%’ striped=’off’ animated=’off’]Half the trucking industry is still not on board with ELD[/progress_bar]

Roughly half of the trucking industry has not taken the steps towards the ELD. This is especially pronounced among smaller carriers. We recommend that you do not to [...]

You want to buy a truck but can’t decide whether you should buy new or used?

New trucks cost more upfront but the maintenance costs are lower. They offer higher uptime and have the most current technology, but new trucks depreciate (up to 20% – 30% in the 1st year alone) quickly. A used truck costs substantially less than a new truck upfront, but may cost more in maintenance. But a good used truck can still perform and do the job well. In fact, buying used trucks could be a great way to build your fleet, over time.

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