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The name Bosco Pool & Spa is synonymous with quality when it comes to pool and spa installations in South Western Ontario. In speaking with Ryan Bossence, it was very clear that both Ryan and his business partner Jeff McCann want to be known for their unmatched quality in the pool and spa industry. Interestingly, the company name has a lot of personal significance – it was Ryan’s nickname growing up.

Both Jeff and Ryan are hands-on in their business – earning their customer’s trust is very important to them. They take pride in delivering on their promises. And, that is what drives their decision to buy International trucks from Altruck International Truck Centres. They like the fact that Altruck is a locally owned business that delivers on the promise of customer service excellence.


Jeff and Ryan have been in business for over 25 years and started with a used International tandem dump truck. [...]


Truck News published a great article with some solid advice on how to select your next Shunt Truck.  

Shunt trucks have evolved. You can now spec a shunt truck precisely to match your business needs or for your drivers. Predictive maintenance is another area that is gaining prominence. More businesses are looking for telematics integration to gain a better understanding of fleet performance and analytics that help them optimize their operations.

Truck News spoke with several Terminal truck dealers and experts to better understand what a buyer needs to look for when they are thinking of selecting a new terminal tractor for their business.

It appears more customers are leaning towards leasing a shunt truck.  Here is a quote from the article:

It really depends on the application of the vehicle,” said Michael Kirby, V.P. of Sales and Operation for Capacity of [...]

The Fuel Economy Equation

Medium Duty Trucks and Fuel Economy

Medium Duty Fuel EconomyRunning an efficient fleet is hard work considering all the factors that contribute towards the Fuel Economy.

For many years the industry relied heavily on engine manufacturers to deliver the best fuel economy out of every drop of diesel they pour in to the tank. Then came a time when aerodynamics dominated the stage, especially for the long haul tractors. Now most recently, the drivetrain has taken center stage. The engine, drivetrain, and tires rule the fuel economy equation for Medium Duty fleets that run scheduled routes, 

NACFE Trucking Efficiency Report

The commercial vehicles today are increasingly sophisticated and connected. Whether you operate one or two vehicles or a fleet of 500 trucks, a fleet management solution with engine diagnostic capabilities is absolutely necessary. Businesses can’t afford inefficient operations or unexpected vehicle downtime.

According to the attached Executive Summary of the Trucking Efficiency Confidence Report from NACFEDiesel fuel cost the industry as much per annum as the costs of drivers’ wages and benefits combined. Despite recent fuel cost decreases, all indications are that fuel price volatility will continue, forcing the industry to find solutions that increase its fuel efficiency in order to stay profitable.

The report also showcases the strong links between fuel economy and well-maintained trucks. It also identifies the 10 most common components that impact the vehicle fuel economy and how optimized maintenance can ensure peak performance for your fleet.

Connected Vehicles solutions from Altruck can help [...]

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Retired GDC Judge Robert Giamattorio heard Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s suit against Shelly Goodwife, who failed to pay for her season tickets after her husband died. Snyder (Martin Yeagger), rabidly cheered on by his second, Vinny Cerrato (Barry Diamond), explained that although there was a 323 year waiting list for season tickets, suing deadbeats would give him a double recovery when he collected contract damages and resold the tickets. But the court drafted its own counterclaim and found Snyder guilty of negligent management of a beloved local sports franchise.

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Cheap Jerseys china A great [...]

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