OnCommand Connection

Your fleet is made up of different makes and models, and you have to use a variety of telematics systems to monitor them to make sure they’re running smoothly.

OnCommand Connection is changing all that. It is the industry’s first and only open architecture remote diagnostic program focused on improving the vehicle uptime, total cost of ownership & communications within your fleet. Navistar has created a remote diagnostic system that is capable of handling All-Makes Fleet and works with virtually all telematics devices and service providers and your existing business systems.

All Makes of Trucks

OnCommand Connection now comes standard in every new International truck.
You can now diagnose every make and model in your fleet while they’re on the road and get Action Plans for more than 18,000 engine and fault codes. Whether you have 1 truck or many trucks!

Fleet of trucks

OnCommand Connection + Over The Air Programming = Better Together

OnCommand Connection

Over The Air Programming

Please browse our OnCommand Connection FAQ:

    OnCommand Connection is a no-charge, standard offering available now on all new International trucks, legacy International trucks and all-makes vehicles (System enrollment required).

    OnCommand Connection works with any number of trucks and with all makes and models or trucks, buses and engines. OnCommand Connection will monitor all vehicles in your fleet.

    OnCommand Connection is an all-makes remote diagnostic portal that works with virtually any telematics provider, it provides real-time access to your fleet’s health, prioritizes repair and maintenance work, and gets your trucks back on the road a little quicker.
    With features such as interactive mapping, engineer-designed action plans and access to your online portal through multiple devices, OnCommand™ Connection provides you everything you need to accurately keep your fleet on the road and your business profitable.

    You can filter information by vehicle type, fault code or time frame, view active fault codes and health reports for specific vehicles and locate the dealership closest to your vehicle’s location, if needed.

    For more information on OnCommand Connection, please visit https://info.oncommandconnection.com/

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