DuraStar Unlimited Warranty

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DuraStar 4 Year Unlimited Warranty

DuraStar® unlimited warranty is an exclusive, best-in-class Integrated Powertrain Warranty Package – You get the industry leading, 4-year/unlimited miles and hours warranty on new DuraStar trucks powered by CUMMINS® ISB and configured with an Eaton® Procision™ transmission and Dana Spicer® axles and driveshafts in the pick-up and delivery segments.

Result: The most reliable truck in medium duty market just got better! Your DuraStar is even more reliable. Period. Just another testament that we will stand behind our products.

Build your own DuraStar or download the brochure to learn more about DuraStar or just call us @ 888.539.7110 to learn more about this exclusive warranty offer.

Unlimited Warranty

Versatile and Dependable Truck

Here is the dependable truck that you asked for. It can handle the rigor of stop and go operation and withstand long idle times. This specification of the DuraStar delivers the efficiency you want and the peace of mind you need with it’s reliability. Whether you are keeping your customer’s shelves stocked or delivering on a tight timeline, you can trust this truck.

This is a truck built with DriversFirst in mind. The swept-back windshield design to see what you are doing and up to 50-degree wheel cuts to navigate the tight corners. Easy-to-read instrument panels are designed to provide clear, precise information to help maximize your safety. The generous 82″-wide cab is ergonomically designed to keep driver fatigue low and to offer ample room for you and your passengers.

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Eaton Procision and Cummins ISB

Eaton delivers 8-10% fuel economy improvement with the dual-clutch technology. Even on the routes with frequent stops. Adjustable Urge to Move and Creep Mode provide advanced maneuverability at low speeds, making it a safe and easy ride for any driver.

Cummins ISB 6.7 engine offers the most efficient engine ratings on the market. The addition of an air-intake reduces parasitic losses and increases fuel economy which in turns lowers your fuel usage and results in lower CO2 emissions. We gaurantee that you will feel like a Rockstar with all the power and efficiency. 

DuraStar is the first truck to offer high capacity gearing with Dana Spicer E Series Steer and S140 or 060 Drive axle bundle. The Dana Spicer axles are lightweight but strong – up to 100 lbs lighter. The Dana Spicer Driveshafts are designed to tighter balance specifications than the competition, maximizing the smoothness of your ride.

Efficient, Rock Solid Workhorse For Your Business

Keep your service costs down and stay on the road longer with synchronized service intervals. The truck comes with an aerodynamic 3-piece hood, breakaway mirrors and one-piece standard grille. The truck boasts of commercial-Grade durability with huck-bolted chassis and optimized drive train,The DuraStar DELIVERS durability, top to bottom, day-in and day-out.

Simplifying your pre-trip inspections and operate a safe and efficient vehicle with Diamond Logic. It monitors critical vehicle functions and relays information to the you when you need it.  The engine, transmission, instrument panel and other vehicle components continually communicate with each other electronically, so you get UNPARALLELED productivity.

DuraStar Gold Family

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