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Can’t decide whether to lease or own?
Lease vs. buy – that is important question especially when the economy is uncertain or if you are just starting out. Ownership makes sense when there is potential appreciation, as with real estate, investment property, or collectables.

Leasing heavy equipment gives your company additional options. You decide the length of the lease, whether to buy the equipment after the lease or upgrade and take out another lease, or simply give it back.

Altruck sales consultant can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of leasing and owning – we will review your business needs, what is important to you, even look at tax benefits and your transportation expenses to uncover hidden savings. We will work with you to tailor a lease to your unique needs so you can plan, run and manage your fleet with less capital and lower costs. We’re in this business so you don’t have to be.

For large fleets with multiple locations in North America, Altruck will work with Idealease North American Rental Program. The program offers consistent pricing and one-time credit approval. With more than 430 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and more than 10,000 vehicles in the Idealease rental fleet, we cover North America like no other transportation services company.

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At Altruck, we are committed to your success and we will help you clearly understand all your obligations when it comes to a lease:

  • We will understand how are you planning to use the equipment before recommending a lease
  • We will explain how leasing might help your business
  • We will clearly communicate all the costs upfront to you
  • We will help you understand all your options
    • What is involved if you decide to make changes to the lease during the term
    • If you decide to end the lease early
    • Your options at the end of the lease

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