International DuraStar

International DuraStar

Medium-Duty meets Maximum Reliability.  You can count on the DuraStar truck to help you tackle any job. DuraStar is built completely of commercial-grade components and materials. DuraStar is a well-designed, driver’s truck.

All the little details are taken care of…Details like easy-grab handles, non-slip stairs and wide door openings, with a nearly indestructible huck-bolted chassis and a sturdy cab that exceeds SAE rollover safety regulations. all designed to keep drivers safe when on the move.

DuraStar is strong enough to endure routes through busy neighborhoods, challenging alleys and unpredictable city streets and durable enough to perform in all kinds of demanding situations and harsh environments. So whether you’re picking up a heavy load or racing to your next site, you can count on this truck to get the job done.

Flexible-mounting options can accommodate all kinds of work applications from plows, to dump trucks and mixers. And with the added efficiency of its aerodynamic 3-piece hood, breakaway mirrors, one-piece standard grill and synchronized service intervals, your repair costs are lower while you’re on the road longer.

DuraStar is equipped with Diamond Logic, so the engine, transmission, instrument panel and other vehicle components continually communicate with each other electronically. Monitor critical vehicle functions and relay information to the driver, to ensures safe, efficient vehicle operation. Pre-trip inspections are simple. Headlights even turn on with the wipers, and safety interlocks engage automatically

The International DuraStar truck features Durability, Driver Satisfaction, Safety and Uptime.

International Durastar
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