International Truck’s DriverFirst is a pledge to put your business needs ahead of everything we do.

And, it starts with the one behind the wheel.

International Trucks conducted extensive research and drivers clinics for the product design strategy that puts driver’s comfort, First. We understand that you need all the competitive advantage you can get when it comes to attracting and retaining qualified drivers. New International Trucks are designed with a strong emphasis on the driver’s perspective.

Result – New International Trucks are more comfortable to operate and safer to tackle the jobs.

DriverFirst is a user-centric approach to product development. Designing trucks that start with you. As a result, the new International Trucks are designed to better fit you, as drivers. Uptime means more than having trucks that are built to stay on the road. It’s about building trucks that drivers want to operate.

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Driver shortage is major problem for most businesses in our industry – Approx. 50,000 in 2015 and expected to climb to over 160,000 drivers in 2022. Current drivers are also getting older. The median age of truck drivers is 49, compared to just 42 for all United States workers. Replacing the retiring truck drivers will be one of the largest contributing factors behind the growing driver shortage, accounting for nearly half of new driver hires (45%).

Estimates suggest that it costs roughly $3,000 to hire a new driver (training is extra). The new drivers also face an uphill learning curve – you can expect about 90 Lost Work Days for each new driver that you hire. In other words it takes time for a new driver to become productive. You can do the math. But, what if you could improve your driver retention by just 10%? The graphic below shows the gains associated with driver retention by a fleet of 150 drivers.

Retention Stats for Incremental Uptime

One way to retain your workforce is by providing a comfortable work environment. For the driver who spends countless hours on the road, the truck is more than just a workplace, it’s a home away from home. International Trucks recognizes the importance of driver retention to your businesses. That is why we focus on DriverFirst mindset that puts your businesses and your drivers’ needs at the heart of every decision. We promise to offer reliable trucks that drivers want to continue driving.

DriversFirst Video

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