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MELT is here! Just in time for summer.


To drive a truck today, all you have to do is to take a knowledge and road test at a DriveTest Centre to get your Class A licence. There are no mandatory or required courses to take. Some drivers might participate in voluntary training with a training organization and some companies also offer their own training programs. All that is about to change – MTO officials confirmed that in the next few weeks, Ontario’s Transportation Minister will be introducing the MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training).

This new proposal will require new applicants for a Class A licence, to successfully complete a mandatory entry-level training course prior to attempting the road tests. The introduction of mandatory training, in addition to the testing requirements, is designed to ensure that commercial truck drivers [...]

Reduce Fatigue While Driving


Cold is your Friend!  You might find that your eyelids get heavy in a warm, comfortable cab.  Open the windows or turn the AC on.  The cool air will help you stay awake and alert.

Say NO to heavy meals.  It can lower your energy levels and your eyelids.  Save that big feast for after you’ve ended your last run and are ready to turn in.  A good sleep after a good meal.  Load up on light, healthy snacks and fruits.

Stop and get out.  Talk a walk, jog, stretch, dance.  Whatever it takes to get the blood flowing.

There is no substitute for a full night of deep and restful sleep.  Taking a quick 20 minute nap is the next best thing.  It will boost your strength and you’ll be able to stay focused longer.  Your body works best when it has [...]

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