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ProStar whiteFour percent improvement in fuel efficiency could mean incremental savings and improved bottom line for your fleet. Predictive cruise control technology is now available on International ProStar and LoneStar Class 8 on-highway trucks.

The Fuel Economy Equation

Medium Duty Trucks and Fuel Economy

Medium Duty Fuel EconomyRunning an efficient fleet is hard work considering all the factors that contribute towards the Fuel Economy.

For many years the industry relied heavily on engine manufacturers to deliver the best fuel economy out of every drop of diesel they pour in to the tank. Then came a time when aerodynamics dominated the stage, especially for the long haul tractors. Now most recently, the drivetrain has taken center stage. The engine, drivetrain, and tires rule the fuel economy equation for Medium Duty fleets that run scheduled routes, 

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Connected Vehicles by Altruck International Trucks

Running an efficient Medium Duty fleet is hard work.

Today’s engines run on SCR technology and are extremely efficient. Medium duty International Trucks come with two reputable engine brands; the Cummins ISB and the Navistar N9. Both deliver reliable performance, horsepower and torque you need and excellent uptime.

In the past, fleet managers relied heavily on the driver expertise when it came to using a manual transmission. Today’s new innovative transmissions, allow the fleet managers to achieve the same efficiency with less experienced drivers. Medium duty International Trucks like DuraStar use dual clutch transmission (DCT) from Eaton that eliminates the complexity of shifting at the right time every time. The EATON PROCISION is a DCT transmission that has specific calibrations to match the power and torque characteristics of the Cummins and Navistar engines, delivering 8 to 10% better fuel economy when compared to a typical torque converter automatic transmission.

But, things don’t end at the transmission [...]

NACFE Trucking Efficiency Report

The commercial vehicles today are increasingly sophisticated and connected. Whether you operate one or two vehicles or a fleet of 500 trucks, a fleet management solution with engine diagnostic capabilities is absolutely necessary. Businesses can’t afford inefficient operations or unexpected vehicle downtime.

According to the attached Executive Summary of the Trucking Efficiency Confidence Report from NACFEDiesel fuel cost the industry as much per annum as the costs of drivers’ wages and benefits combined. Despite recent fuel cost decreases, all indications are that fuel price volatility will continue, forcing the industry to find solutions that increase its fuel efficiency in order to stay profitable.

The report also showcases the strong links between fuel economy and well-maintained trucks. It also identifies the 10 most common components that impact the vehicle fuel economy and how optimized maintenance can ensure peak performance for your fleet.

Connected Vehicles solutions from Altruck can help [...]

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