Connected Vehicles

 Measure What Matters.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. That is why we offer more actionable data and insight to help improve your bottom line by driving out unnecessary costs and by increasing the vehicle uptime. We can help. Connected Vehicles solutions are scalable. When you need them.

 It’s Like Riding Shotgun
Connected Vehicles solutions offer you more control over your assets, increased uptime and lower costs. it’s like being in the passenger seat in all your vehicles with real-time alerts. You can quickly address unwanted driver behavior like speeding, extended idling or entering forbidden areas in real-time. Learn more.

 Connected Vehicles Solutions just make Better Business Sense.
We combine Geotab’s advanced telematics devices and fleet tracking services with International Truck’s powerful OnCommand Connection remote diagnostic tool to bring you measurable data to move your business forward.

 We are also future friendly.
When your needs change, an extensive ecosystem of valuable business-focused applications and 3rd party add-ons is available and can be quickly and easily added to your existing management solution. And you don’t have to switch providers or buy additional expensive hardware. Check out our partners.

Please browse our FAQ:

    • The word “telematics” stems from the combination of telecommunications and informatics, and it was the joining of these two sciences that resulted in the field of telematics.
    • Everything including, fuel consumption, current speed, vehicle location, vehicle condition, driving behaviour and more can be viewed on a central dashboard. Fleet managers can get a birds-eye view of the entire fleet, checking the overall health, profitability and productivity of the fleet. And the vehicle telematics is constantly changing and improving rapidly due to advances in cell phones, Internet and GPS technology and receivers. learn more at

    • OnCommand Connection is an open architecture remote diagnostic program focused on improving the vehicle uptime, total cost of ownership & communications within your fleet.
    • OnCommand Connection and Connected Vehicles solutions powered by Altruck, work with all makes and models of trucks and virtually all telematics devices and service providers and your existing business systems. For more information, please click here.

    • Connected Vehicles offers a comprehensive suite of technologies designed to help you maximize fleet efficiencies, safety and profitability. We do this by giving you:
      • Actionable & insightful data to help you make better decisions
      • Analysis to help deliver improved fuel efficiency and vehicle performance
      • Lower maintenance costs due to real time fault code reporting and action plans
      • Better route optimization
      • Insight into driver behavior to help you coach and modify
      • Training and much more
    • This is just a start. Connected Vehicles solutions include custom programming for equipment add-ons, Vehicle integration, Hours of Service (HOS), Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), cameras and other connected devices.
    • We have trained implementation engineers ready to work with you to tailor our solutions give you the intelligent insight and proactive performance management abilities, you need in today’s business. Learn more at

    Connected Vehicles offers analytics to help you optimize your fleet’s performance. We offer real-time notifications on critical issues to help you gain valuable insight into your business. We offer reports on driver behaviour along with coaching and behaviour modification recommendations.

    • Each day that your truck is in the shop, costs you approx. $1,000 in lost revenue opportunity. Connected Vehicles solutions can save you money with proactive vehicle maintenance.
    • Connected Vehicles solutions offer a better way to manage your asset and resources custom logic systems and other connected devices tailored to your individual business needs.
    • You lower your fuel costs by optimizing routes, better driving behaviours. You manage your fleet by exceptions and track metrics that are important to you.

    Pease visit or call us at 1.888.963.1364 or email us for more information.

    Yes, we offer comprehensive training programs. Some of our packages include the basic training. Please call us at 1.888.963.1364 and we will work with you to assess your specific training needs.

    Geo-fencing, or Zones  utilize GPS or RFID to establish and represent a virtual perimeter or fence around a geographical real-world area of interest. Geo-fencing allows you to draw zones around your sites and secure areas such as warehouse or even your customer’s location. You can set up alarms when a vehicle enters or leaves a geo-fenced area.

    Of course. The Connected Vehicles solution includes a standard telematics subscription. As long as there is cellular service, the Connected Vehicles solutions should work. We will discuss your vehicle routes, etc. during the time of installation to work out any optional packages if needed.

    We are here to serve you with dedicated service bays at 6 different Altruck International truck Centres. We are open late for service and repairs. We can be reached at 1.888.539.7110 or just call one of our locations, directly.

    OnCommand Connection is a no-charge, standard offering available on all new International trucks, legacy International trucks and all-makes vehicles (System enrollment required).

    OnCommand Connection works with any number of trucks and with all makes and models or trucks, busses and engines. OnCommand Connection will monitor all vehicles in your fleet.

    • OnCommand Connection is an all-makes remote diagnostic portal that works with virtually any telematics provider, it provides real-time access to your fleet’s health, prioritizes repair and maintenance work, and gets your trucks back on the road a little quicker.
      • With features such as interactive mapping, engineer-designed action plans and access to your online portal through multiple devices, OnCommand™ Connection provides you everything you need to accurately keep your fleet on the road and your business profitable.
      • You can filter information by vehicle type, fault code or time frame, view active fault codes and health reports for specific vehicles and locate the dealership closest to your vehicle’s location, if needed.

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